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Avoid Health Insurance Penalty from East Coast Financial Group will help you save money on the cost of premiums. We can help you find the lowest cost health insurance plans that fits your needs and your budget. Call today or click on the link below!

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Avoid Health Insurance Penalty is easy when you have the help from East Coast Financial Group. We understand the importance of health insurance and the penalties that come along with not having health insurance. Over 1/3 of the population do not have insurance and will be penalized for not having been insured for the year 2014. It is not too late to get yourself, family or group covered and avoid the costly penalty. East Coast Financial Group can help you with determining if you qualify for a health insurance penalty for not being covered. Call East Coast Financial Group today to learn if you are able to avoid health insurance penalties!


My family was paying so much for our health insurance until we met with Courtland, he spoke with us about our needs and found a great Health Insurance plan. East Coast Financial group saved us hundreds of dollars per month.

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East Coast Financial Group can help you with determining if you qualify for health insurance penalties or if you can avoid health insurance penalties. If you didn’t have insurance coverage in 2014, you’ll pay the higher of these two amounts when you file your 2014 federal tax return: 1% of your yearly household income, the maximum penalty is the national average premium for a bronze plan or $95 per person for the year ($47.50 per child under 18), the maximum penalty per family using this method is $285. So call East Coast Financial Group and we will outline your options to Avoid Health Insurance Penalty!

It is important to find out if you qualify under the Affordable Care Act to be looking at any amounts of penalties for not having insurance. To avoid any penalties call East Coast Financial Group today to learn more about Health Insurance Penalties and if there is any way to Avoid Health Insurance Penalties. You still have time to enroll for a healthcare plan but your time is limited! We can tell you whether or not you are eligible for a tax credit and what type of plan you need in order to qualify for one. DO NOT wait any longer, call us today!

Health insurance penalty, which will be levied for the first time this tax season, could cost some taxpayers. This is where East Coast Financial Group come in. We still have time to get you insured to Avoid Health Insurance Penalties. We can help guide you through the difficult process and picking the right health insurance for you and your family or group. Don't hesitate to call us today for a FREE quote and to find out more about a possible Health Insurance Penalty. Whether you are looking for health plans on the new government Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace or want to privately buy health insurance, we offer a wide range of solutions at East Coast Financial Group. Call today or get a FREE quote online!

Contact East Coast Financial Group today to find out about all of your affordable Health Insurance coverage options. We are here to serve you by creating a simpler, more personalized health care experience.


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